I help active women improve their relationship with food & their body through intuitive eating

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I’m Julianne Mahoney and I help women build a sustainable positive relationship with food, exercise, and their bodies through personalized one-on-one intuitive eating coaching.

My goal is to help you learn the skills to release yourself from restriction, emotional eating, rigid meal plans, and negative body image through a science-based approach with a strong foundation of self-love.


Learning to eat and live intuitively allows you to perform your best, enjoy your time in the wild without focusing on a meal plan or counting grams of macronutrients, and connect deeply to your innate intuitive self. The wild is where we go to free ourselves from mundane society so why are we bringing diet culture with us? If you're interested in learning how to love your body and how to feed it freely, click the button below to learn more.



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I never expected I could heal so much in just our first month working together. I haven't been able to enjoy my food this much in years!!! My desire to binge has completely dissapeared!

I have a totally new and grounded sense of my body and the food I eat. I am pretty amazed by how transformed my thinking around food is after 12 weeks. At the outset, I felt totally out of control and physically disconnected from my body. Julianne helped me find a natural way to reconnect without focusing on calories, percentages, and rules.

Hands down the most important thing I gained from working with Julianne was learning to trust my body. 


I feel so much freedom in seeing diet culture around me and when people are like "I went on a long bike ride so I can have two pieces of cake!" my mind immediately says, "You can have two pieces of cake whenever you want, bike ride or not!", or your lesson on when you should eat, "Whenever you're hungry or feel like it, of course!"

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