Hey there!  I'm Julianne Mahoney 


Julianne is a intuitive eating registered dietitian who helps women learn to feed, move, and love their bodies wildly and freely.

Specializing in sports nutrition, she has worked extensively with athletes from a wide variety of sports. She recovered from her own disordered eating and negative body image through the empowerment she found in the outdoors, especially hiking and rock climbing. She completed her dietetic internship with an eating disorder treatment center where she was able to gain experience counseling women through their struggles. 

She is taking the skills and experiences she learned through her own self-love and intuitive eating journey to help her clients overcome their negative mindset around diet and their bodies and live a happy, adventurous life free of guilt, shame, and self-hate.


She is on a mission to show the light to those struggling in attempt to get an"ideal body." Life is about so much more than calories. 

So if you want to:

  • Ditch food rules and dieting

  • Train intuitively to reach your active goals

  • Become an expert in listening and understanding your body

  • Build a foundation of self-love and self-confidence

  • Learn how to move and fuel your body in a sustainable way that feels good for you

  • Live a life full of joy and happiness at peace with your body

Then watch this free training on how to improve your relationship with your body and food now.