As a dietitian, I help active women improve their relationship with food and their bodies through 1:1 nutrition coaching.

Together, we will navigate the waters of intuitive eating with a science-based approach to create a sustainable lifestyle without restriction, meal plans, food guilt, or exercise you dread.

Life is not one size fits all and health shouldn't be either. Through my three domains, we'll create the personalized roadmap for your goals and create sustainable behavior change while in a supportive and accountable environment.

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Self-love is a term thrown around a lot right now and it's a term that I think is a little misunderstood. I often hear "How am I supposed to love myself if I look this way?" or "I don't want to love myself at this weight." I firmly believe self-love is the foundation for lasting, positive change. If you don't love yourself now, you won't love yourself when you reach that magic number on the scale. 

When you love yourself and your body, you are more likely to make changes that take care of and benefit it. This doesn't mean you can't desire to make changes, lose weight, gain muscle, gain weight, etc. This means caring more about how your body feels than it looks, loving your soul even if it has room to grow, and being gracious for what your body does for you. This is a wellness-focused approach, though weight changes may be a byproduct. Even if your trees need trimming and your trails need maintenance, love your wild.




Your body needs food to run. Food provides the energy (through calories) to let your body do what you want it to. In our culture, we've let others tell us how to feed our bodies and convince us that we don't know how to eat "properly" without a meal plan. As humans, we're born knowing exactly what our body needs & how to get it. The diet culture ingrained in our society teaches us not to trust this sense. We will work together to redevelop your innate intuitive knowledge and skills for sustainable change. Through intuitive eating, we will work towards honoring and recognizing your hunger and fullness cues, reestablishing your food freedom and trust in self, and reestablishing you as the expert in your body's wants and needs. Don't let food hold you back from doing what you live for. No matter where live takes you, fuel your wild.


We're all different. That's what makes us so great. So why do we think just because Karen over there loves running, we have to too?  (Sorry any Karens out there). We will work together to find movement that makes your soul and your body truly happy. An intuitive approach to fitness is counter to the fitness industry's unsustainable, rigid workout plans. No one knows your body better than you. Finding joyful movement that brings a smile to your face and your body is essential for making fitness sustainable. This can be found anywhere from hot yoga to bouldering to walking your dog. Discovering joyful movement allows you to take a step back from rigidity in your fitness and create a flexible, positive experience in which you have the ability to honor your body's needs for rest, sweat, and motion. It's time to rediscover the love of exercise. Whether it's ultra marathons or top-roping, find your wild.




"My entire adult life I had struggled with feeling like I had no control over what I ate, negative body image, and that diets just 'didn't work for me' (although I so badly wanted them to). Working with Julianne has been one of the most important things I've done for myself. We worked together at a gentle pace to heal from all the false narratives we have been told by the diet industry from a young age. I've learned to be gentle with myself, and look in the mirror and feel more pride than I ever thought imaginable. I no longer feel shame about what I do or don't eat, and have opened up windows of opportunity in what I try. Julianne's program has improved my relationship with food, exercise, and most importantly myself. Working with her improved my mindset and has allowed me to live free."


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